Founder's Message

When Margdarsi  started making ways for people left out of mainstream due to disability in 1995, Odisha had very little to cheer about. The small beginning  has blossomed into the centers of hope for the persons with all kinds of Disability. After treatment at Margdarsi's institutes, many non-verbal children are chattering away in normal schools dropping diagnosis of Autism, Learning Disability or other Developmental Disorders, Neuro-Cognitive Disorders, Communication Disorders and Locomotor Disorders, which stands testimony to the success of Margdarsi. The collective efforts of the staff, volunteers, donors, patrons and the trust imposed by all the stakeholders of Margdarsi has made its institutions the centers of excellence in Disability Rehabilitation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Prof. Satya Mahapatra
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