February 23, 2019

We are glad that you came across this article so that we can guide & give you few insights on the emotions & behavior of a child affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It’s not easy to hear the news that your child has autism and realize that your life will be utterly different than what you had expected it to be.

Let us discuss few behavioral traits of an ASD affected child.


Routines and rituals 
Your child gets upset if there is a slight difference in his familiar routine


Your child might not understand it’s time to move on from one activity to another


Sensory sensitivities 
He might like feeling or touching particular surfaces or objects.


Sensory overload
He might get upset if too much is happening around him


Unrealistic expectations 
Your child gets frustrated if he’s expected to do something he doesn’t have the skills for.


Your child isn’t getting enough good-quality sleep.


This could be anything like the feeling of clothes against skin, a prickly label, wet pants, a bump or pain.


It is very much important to seek proper advice for your child at the right time.

Margdarsi makes treatments possible for children who may be at risk for developmental problems.  If children with autism come at the right age, we provide them with early intervention with a target for mainstream inclusion. Margdarsi also provides intensive care with multi-modal therapy but it depends on his situation and needs. But the goal is the same: to reduce his symptoms and improve his learning and development.

At Margdarsi, each autism intervention plan is tailored keeping in mind the specific needs of each child.


If you feel your child has any of the above mentioned traits, without delay contact us for guidance & support.


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