Can Autism be cured?

February 11, 2019

Parents ask such question after Autism is diagnosed in their children. Autism is a regressive disorder. Meaning a normal child regresses / deteriorated into Autism. Hence there has to be some solution to bring the Autism affected child back into mainstream. But Autism being a difficult problem requires not only suitable ecosystem with infrastructure but also qualified rehabilitation professionals with expertise in assessment and diagnosis of Autism. The professional care required for cure of Autism is spread over long period of one to two years. The daily dose of treatment for Autism to overcome all the features of Autism can spread over 30-40 hours per week. The team of professionals consisting of conventional rehabilitation therapies, alternate modes of therapies and biomedical interventions should provide adequate doses of therapy. Early identification and early intervention with dedicated services can give the desired cure for Autism. Because there is no conventional ‘Prescription Pill’ people confusingly think there is no cure for the Autism. But the dedicated team of ‘Margdarsi’ has been curing the children with Autism. The children developed appropriate communication skills, social skills and reading- writing skills. They dropped all the features of Autism then they are admitted into mainstream schools to live the life of normal children.

Margdarsi provides:

  • Early intervention with Multi modal therapy by a team of highly experienced dedicated professional experts. Holistic care aims at development of functional skill at age appropriate level.
  • Intensive care with 30 hours per week to Day Care facility with more than 40 hours of professional management per week
  • Token user charges for the regular institution based therapy. Free treatment for people below poverty level
  • One to one care for each of the professional intervention
  • Parent counseling for home based training and rehabilitation
  • Pick up and drop facility by institution’s vehicles under the care of dedicated staff members
  • Therapeutic diet for the child and provision of other dietary supplements

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