This is the best hearing health care facility with Electrophysiological evaluation like Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE), Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR), Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA), Immitance measurement, Reflexometry, Speech Audiometry, Pure tone Audiometry and Rehabilitation facilities like digital programming using Hipro, Noah Link to compensate Hearing loss and Mapping services after Cochlear Implantation in case of Dead Ears.

Speech Fluency defects like Stuttering, Stammering, Cluttering, Voice Disorders like Puberphonia, Hysterical Aphonia, Rhinophonia, Laryngectomee, Hoarseness, professional voice abuse and articulation defects are treated here. Spirometry for lung function, Video Endoscopy for examination of Voice box, Bio-Feedback for rehabilitation and Doctor Speech is used for both diagnostic purpose and therapy for voice Disorders.

Neurological disorders leading to complete loss of language like Aphasia, or partial defects like Dysarthria get complete range of therapeutic intervention.

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