“Mean well for everybody” is the guiding principle when we decide on the agenda and activities. Health, Disability, Education & Socio-economic deprivation are the areas that Margdarsi has chosen to respond. Activities range from short term events like Diagnostic camps, Developmental workshops, Orientation Seminars, Professional Conferences to long term institution based services that provide comprehensive Diagnostic services and Holistic intervention care. Public education, orientation of professionals and officials in matters related to Disability rehabilitation is conducted informally at the Villages or formally in the Event venues.

The Institutions of academic excellence like Institute of Health Sciences and Clinical Remedy like Model Center for Children with Special Needs, Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Center of Neuro Sciences and Balmukunda Memorial Center of Audiology have become landmark projects in Odisha.

Short term activities like raising public awareness about Disability have been regularly done through involvement of celebrities like Cine Stars or Cricket Stars. Public Education on Deafness “HEAR-EXPO” is the only program in India. Professional Events like “ISAM (International Symposium on Audiological Medicine) “ have attracted national and international talent pool in the profession of Ear & Hearing Care.



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