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Disability robs a child of living life like an ordinary person. When one child becomes disabled, not just the child suffers a life time, but with him suffers the family and of course the society. Making provision for even one child over the entire life is financially a burden and often a logistical nightmare. You can be the guardian angel to alleviate disability for a child by sponsoring the treatment either in part or comprehensive care till she is Integrated in social mainstream as a productive individual


The children become free from autism, ADHD, Seizures,  through intensive care using a bouquet of traditional therapies and biomedical interventions.  But the interventions are most effective with early intervention. You can help us to reach out to children at risk of lifetime disability by becoming a Special Friend i.e friend of Children with Special Needs. You can also build up social support group and build up empathy in the societyVolunteers whether the youth, the retired or the middle aged, willing to lend their time and energy to our efforts, whether at an event, in our campus or reaching out to society are most welcome at Margdarsi.


Delayed development of the speech and language, social skills to play and interact or independence in daily living activities is not without a reason. Early intervention is the key to restore normalcy and prevent disability. You can refer the child for early intervention at our center for best results from the treatment by our team of experts. Your one referral can mean one life saved.

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Prof Satya Mahapatra

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“Autism can be cured.Much confusion exists about Autism including whether or not to label it as permanent disability. Autism defies classification of the suffering, unlike most of the other Disabilities where the affected people have limited  issues of concern. There is no single medical specialist of Autism. Various professionals like Pediatrician, Pediatric Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Occupational therapist, Speech Pathologists and many other medical or rehabilitation specialist deal with the problem. No unanimity exist about the cause of the problem and hence no prevention is available. This disabling condition requires seamless integration of professional experts in the team to provide multi modal therapy. Need of individual child is to be catered to achieve functional skills. Margdarsi has created the unique ecosystem to provide therapeutic inputs to meet each child’s profile. The children drop the diagnosis of Autism after the intensive care provided by the dedicated professionals. After treatment, the children walk into the mainstream with age appropriate social and communication skills without any feature of Autism left.”

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About Margdarsi

Margdarsi came into existence as a charitable society in 1995, with a mission to provide complete care for people who suffer any kind of Disabilities. The comprehensive Rehabilitation required suitable ecosystem with technical manpower and clinical infrastructure. Margdarsi has set up institutional care facility at Bhubaneswar that has evolved into the biggest Rehabilitation services in India offering 15,000 hours of multi-modal therapy to people with Developmental disorder, communication disorder, neuro-cognitive disorder and locomotor disorder. A large team of professional experts work dedicatedly to develop functional skills to Integrate the person with disability into social mainstream. Margdarsi has fashioned its success in Rehabilitation of children with Special Needs with a punch line of “nonverbal to normal school”. It dares to cure children affected by Autism and other Developmental disorder. You can help us in our mission by supporting the cause. You can save a life from lifetime suffering as a person with disability

Do  you observe hyperactivity in your Child? Is he unable to control his impulses? Or is he having trouble in paying attention? If the answer is yes, your child might be affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  A person with ADHD has differences in brain development and brain

Special Learning Disability Monday, April 22, 2019

If your child struggles with listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, or math, take a note of the specific issues you see. These can be the signs of Special Learning Disability (SLD). Your child might be weak in some specific subject areas like reading, writing or Maths. This can be

Mental Retardation (MR) Monday, April 22, 2019

Intellectual Disability (ID) (formerly called Mental Retardation- MR) is the most common developmental disability. Nearly 10 million cases are found in India every year out of which more than 24% are children between the age group of 0-12. Only 1% of this population has access to proper care, support

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