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Hearing Clinic

Margdarsi's Hearing Clinic

Treating hearing related disorders and deafness caused by congenital defect, injury, disease, certain medication, exposure to loud noise or age-related wear and tear.

Service to Mankind

How It All Started

Margdarsi had been pursuing the objective of prevention of disability. The largest number of clients in its clinic where children with different categories included issues affecting the brain functions such as Intellectual disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disability etc. So Margdarsi made a coveted effort to specially focus on children on who face the challenge of Neuro-developmental Disorders.


Why Margdarsi is the best for your Hearing Solutions?

Fully Equipped

Fully furnished with latest diagnostic equipment like Audiometer, Tympanometer, Brain stem Evoked Response, ASSR, Oto Acoustic Emission, Video Nystagmography and sound treated chamber for the hearing tests.

Superbly Qualified

Highly qualified professional Audiologists, to provide you with the ideal hearing aids, Audiological Rehabilitation and other support services

All Round Service

Round the year personalized service for Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Central auditory processing disorders

One-to-One Service

Ear mould and other coupling devices customized to meet individual requirements

Special Attention

Neonatal hearing screening, pediatric hearing assessment and treatment


At Margdarsi we follow a barrier free environmental policy (universal designs) given by the Govt. Of India in all domains.

We Offer

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