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Neuro Developmental Clinic

Margdarsi's Neuro Developmental Clinic

At Margdarsi's Neuro Developmental Clinic, we treat children who are affected by various disorders which can lead to life time disabilities. The Neuro-developmental clinic aims at Early Identification, Differential Diagnosis and Comprehensive individualized therapy Intervention

Service to Mankind

How It All Started

Margdarsi had been pursuing the objective of prevention of disability. The largest number of clients in its clinic where children with different categories included issues affecting the brain functions such as Intellectual disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disability etc. So Margdarsi made a coveted effort to specially focus on children on who face the challenge of Neuro-developmental Disorders.


Why Margdarsi is the best fit for Neuro-Developmental Therapies?

Quality Therapeutics

Qualified professionals with domain specific expertise are not available everywhere, there professionals time being expensive direct therapeutics by professionals experts is minimized and often parents are advised to copy certain activities at home. Thus, diluting the professionals rehab services.

Procedural Approach

Doses of different therapies in appropriate combination is not followed at most places. Thus therapy is not planned and executed that ideally suits each specific child need.

Cost Effective Therapies

Margdarsi being a non-profit org. provides therapy at a minimum user charges of about Rs. 50 - Rs.75 per session of different therapies lasting 30 minutes.

Parents Training

Parents are trained in home based management additionally focus is on mother ease and social skill development rather than mimicking any professional therapy at home.

Transport Facility

Margdarsi arranges care givers to pickup children from home and drop them after all the interventions are over. Thus relieving the parents of continuous involvement or running from post to pillar.

Focused Treatment

Each child receives about 4 hour to 8 hours of professional therapies on a daily basis: 6 days in a week. Periodic assessment is made to re-establish the baseline of functional skills for appropriate planning and execution of required interventions.

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