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The Human Network

Becoming an Affiliate

An affiliate at Margdarsi is someone from the medical profession or belonging to the medical fraternity from any part of the world who can help needy people reach out to Margdarsi for treatment and meanwhile make up a decent earning from referrals.


Affiliate Centres

In its intention to spread the rehabilitation services, Margdarsi wishes to enrol affiliates. It can be a clinic, hospital, academic establishment, or individual professional person. Anyone in the medical field or a member of the medical community from any country in the globe who can assist those in need in contacting Margdarsi for treatment while also earning a respectable income from referrals is considered an affiliate at Margdarsi. The affiliate will be supported by Margdarsi for the capacity building and delivery of services in both online and offline mode. Affiliate will be a regular service extension arm of Margdarsi with complete ownership by the affiliate.

How to join as an affiliate

Complete the form below:

The first step is to complete the form below. Once you do, an affiliate manager will contact to verify your identification and accept you.

Approaching folks:

Each affiliate must promote Margdarsi in their own country to patients in need of treatments after being accepted and validated.

Protect your income:

The affiliate must ensure that the patient's travel plans are organised after referring them to Margdarsi. The income begins to flow after the treatment begins.


Benefits of our Affiliate Program

Earn from Referrals

Every Referral to Margdarsi's clinic entitles the affiliate to receive a certain fixed percentage of the treatment value.

Continued Referral Benefit

At Margdarsi, referrals aren't entitled for the first month only but the affiliate is rewarded for the entire term of the patient's treatment recurring monthly.

Long-term benefit

As a long term benefit, affiliates can turn their service full time and work as a referral zonal head in their own city or state and employ others under them.

Be an affiliate